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android October 15th 17 03:48 PM

Good all-in-one
Follow up set to comp.periphs.printers since it's more adequate and you
might more replies from that community...

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Dimitris Tzortzakakis wrote:

ÉΑÉ―É«ς 14/10/2017 11:46 μμ, ο Alfred Molon *γραψε:
In article , Dimitris Tzortzakakis says...

I'd like to say, my all-in-one Canon MX925 has proven to be very good. I
have it for more than one year, cost 135 euros, is fax, copy and scan,
can print photos, has duplex scan and duplex printing, can print on
printable cds...and has 2 trays, one for photo and one for normal paper,
and can also do full duplex copy, almost like a pro copier like the ones
that they have in copy shops and cost thousands euros. It has 5 inks,
that come in normal and XL sizes, that cost 13 euros each (the XL size)
and can last for months!Daisuki kyanon!?????????!!!

How is the quality of the photo prints - like real photos?

yep, like real photos.there's even canvas paper, magnetic paper,
adhesive paper.
And the colour inks, if you don't use them for months, do they dry up?

no, they don't as they don't have the head on them, like HP for
instance, I don't know though if the head might dry up in such a long
Can you use cheap 3rd party inks?

yes, the IT chain has recycled inks, obviously used genuine ones which
have had the chip reset, refilled and sealed. I never buy them though
because with photo paper the ink would smudge. There's even a wide paper
gamut to choose from, both from Canon and generic.

The prints are waterproof?

AFAIK yes, they are supposed to last for many years, if you use genuine
inks and Canon paper. The "every day" paper I use is 10 euros for 100
4X5" (or 10X15 cm).

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