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Gernot Hassenpflug[_4_] July 3rd 17 03:05 AM

Oficio paper size - which country?
Hello all,

A lot Canon printers, including high-end lasers (iR series for example),
have instances of localized ppaer sizes.
I don't know if that depends on the particular driver installed for the
printer, it seems like it is model-dependent (that would be
series-dependent, I guess, given the strange naming conventions in the
last few years).

I'm adding some new papersizes to the gutenprint open source inkjet (and
some other) printer software (used under linux and MacOSX), and for the
MAXIFY iB4100, MB2100, MB2700, MB5100 and MB5400 series I see the
following extra new papersizes:

Oficio 5100x7500 (1/600in), 612x900pt, 215.9x317.5mm, 8.5x12.5in
B-Oficio 5103x8386 (1/600in), 612.36x1006.32pt, 216.0x355.0mm, 8.5x14in
M-Oficio 5103x8056 (1/600in), 612.36x966.72pt, 216.0x341.0mm, 8.5x13.43in
Legal (India) 5079x8150 (1/600in), 609.48x977.99pt, 215.0x345.0mm, 8.46x13.58in

After some online searches, I could determine that B- and M- refer to
Brazil and Mexico versions of Oficio (there are many others, including
Columbia and Argentina).

However, what country (countries?) does the plain "Oficio" refer to?
English Google searches were not helpful in this respect.

The papersize dimensions given above are from the output of the Canon driver.
Any input appreciated.
Gernot Hassenpflug
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