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Default "Hard Drive Stats for Q2 2017"

On Fri, 1 Sep 2017 17:01:53 -0400, "Percival P. Cassidy"

On 08/30/2017 08:36 PM, Lynn McGuire wrote:
"Hard Drive Stats for Q2 2017"

"Since our last report for Q1 2017, we have added 635 additional hard
drives to bring us to the 83,151 drives we’ll focus on. In Q1 we added
over 10,000 new drives to the mix, so adding just 635 in Q2 seems “odd.”
In fact, we added 4,921 new drives and retired 4,286 old drives as we
migrated from lower density drives to higher density drives. We cover
more about migrations later on, but first let’s look at the Q2 quarterly

Wow, 30% failure rates on some of the Seagate 4 TB drives !

Strangely, I can find nothing about an ST4000DM001 on Seagate's Web site.

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