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Default I think I've solved my Spin Retry Count problem

Yousuf Khan wrote:

the reason this change was done was to eventually upgrade the
motherboard and processor down the road -- it's extremely difficult to
find new motherboards with more than one IDE channel anymore, so I am
preparing for the next generation.

I have a SIIG controller card with two IDE connections on it. My
brother has one too. Both work well. They are still available but
cost over $42.

has a Silicon Image Sil0680 PCI ATA/133 IDE RAID Controller Card
with two IDE connections for $13.97 with free shipping.

If you do not have a free PCI slot for a SIIG controller, I have
seen a PCI-E card with one IDE connection, one SATA and one E-SATA
for $13.98 delivered.
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