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Default Uninstalling Direct CD

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hlee wrote:

Thanks for the help! Ahh, my games still don't work. I heard that Direct CD
really gets embedded into the OS, not sure how, but it's deeper than the
registry and in folders.

Anybody know how to hack it??

Check out (S11) of KCK's InCD troubleshoot guide: (XP)

"smh" wrote...
hlee wrote:

Hi, this is my first post here...I tried searching for this answer but
couldn't find any.

Anyway, I installed EZ Cd Creator 5.0 with Direct CD and now my games

as Raven Shield and Rogue Spear go into the BSOD during gameplay. I'm

some crack to make it think there's a CD in there. Anyway, I

uninstalled EZ
and Direct CD and my games still don't work. I heard that Direct CD is

culprit and it really buries itself within WinXP.

Does anybody know how to truly clean it out, I don't want a single trace

DirectCD on my system? Are there any websites that have instructions on

to do this? I've tried reinstalling my secondary IDE, DirectX 9.0, the
actual games, I even repaired WinXP and nothing worked. I'm stumped.

Please help! Thanks!

How do I cleanly uninstall / reinstall Easy CD Creator 5.xx in Windows

Follow the procedure in the above, and then use ROXIZAP: