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Default BIOS voltage terminology?

On 30/11/2011 5:40 AM, Paul wrote:
On the Newegg site, one person is using more than 1.4V, so chances are
you're going to need more than stock.

Well, "rms" on the other thread has his running at over 4GHz too, and he
seems to be at 1.475V so he has had to go over stock ratings too. I'm
gonna limit myself to high stock voltages for the moment, while I'm
still on stock cooling.

Okay, I assume this is not something that I'd typically need to play
with when overclocking?

Yousuf Khan

Since I don't have any motherboards with "load line calibration",
I have no first hand experience with it. A couple comments I looked
at, it was hard to tell it was making a difference.

From the discussions about it, it looks like setting this wrong may
result in machines that are stable during Prime95, but crash while idle!
So I think I'll leave it alone.

These were just the settings in my motherboard that I saw.

Yousuf Khan