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runover1 wrote:
Thank you for your time with this issue.
Do you know what causes most of the display issues on the Solo 1450? I
have seen a lot of these come in with this problem. My laptop's screen
starts out pink on startup and then goes blank and stops the boot
process. I have been able to get it to work with an external CRT
monitor. Any Ideas?
Gateway wants almost $600.00 just to look at it, and I think that is
Please offer help if you have any.

The laptop is old enough that it is not worth anything close to the
repair price even in an operable state. Use the external monitor. I
doubt that you can even find reliable used parts, not even hoping for
new parts, to repair it. I wonder if GW really has parts for a laptop
of this age? For $600 or less you can get a decent Dell desktop,
nothing fancy, or even a new basic Compaq or Dell laptop, again nothing