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Default Worth upgrading?

On Jun 16, 2:44*am, Yousuf Khan wrote:

Virtualization kills my machine. I got Windows XP virtualized under
Windows 7 now, and it's horrid, I won't even begin trying to virtualize
Ubuntu under it yet. It feels like I have a single-core machine again.
Here I think if I had more than 3 physical cores I would've been safe.

Just for jollies, I fired up an instance of Fedora under vmware on
this box (core i7-920 with Vista as the host OS).

Right now, I have graphical connections to six machines, plus the
virtual machine. In order to maintain my sanity, I have four virtual
Windows desktops. The virtual machine was slow to boot, but now that
it is running, it isn't noticeably slower. Even sometimes-slow-like-a-
tired-old-dog Firefox runs fine on the virtual machine. I won't
speculate on what other processors or os combinations might or might
not be able to do or why. It's nice to have a machine that just works
without my having to float random guesses as to what would work.