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On Thu, 13 Nov 2003 00:00:59 GMT, "Phil"

I would like to learn more about what is in my firmware code. Is there
a site that explains what to expect from the code, format, etc. So I
can disassemble it and see what it is programmed to do.

I see on one site where the firmware writers write custom patches, I
would like to educate myself in this area.

It would be nice to see how a cdr is controlled at the low-level.

The bulk of this site deals with utilities and patched firmwares to
make DVD drives region free, but there are also some linked articles
on how to patch firmwares (to make them region free) as well as a few
links to disassembled firmwares. I don't know if it's quite what
you're looking for, but have a look: