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Default Looking for forum for help with Epson scanner

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Depending on the software i would try to treat each 110 strip as one
picture and crop them afterwards.

I've been down this route, and the only thing that really works for
these old 110 sizes is a customozed film holder, It makes the whole
thing feasible and straightforward, and you don't have to cut up the

Cost from around $20, some people make their own but I don't have the
skill for that.

Make sure you get the one for your scanner. This is one supplier.

I got mine from these people:

Be aware, the old 110 negs are pretty grainy in comparison with 35mm.
They were never meant to last.

This item might be just what you need:

Oki... That one holds to strips. Should make life easier for the OP.

Yes, it lets you scan the individual negatives or slides and thus get
the best out of each one, Also holds slightly curling negatives flat
for the scan.

Shouldn't make a difference except from the last point.

Much better results than with trying to scan a whole strip at once and
then editing it. Definitely worth the investment in my experience, I
was able to scan negatives that I thought were un-doable.

One point though: a lot of the old 110 color negative films really
lose color over time, so you'll probably need to do some correction
with software.

I don't think that the film fades faster. Kodakcolor is Kodakcolor after
all, but the the tiny format gives less redundancy.

Apart from the convenient size, that 110 format was probably one of
the worst ever in terms of preservation.

The tiny format had all possibly drawbacks, but the Agfa Optima 5000
that I got my mother looked like a James Bond gadget in operation. Treee
teleportation kills