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Default GeForce Experience 3 fiasco with standard user account

Does anyone even read this group any more?

Oh well, here goes...

I recently got a forced update to GFE 3. Big problem. It doesn't seem to
work with a standard account. GFE 2 ran fine under a standard account.
When run under a LUA, GFE 3 doesn't let you pick directories, doesn't
detect directories, and doesn't retain checkbox settings. It remembers
your Nvidia login, but that's all it does.

I am running Windows 10 x64 Anniversary.

It's like they forgot to include "users" as a group with permission to
the registry keys that contain the settings data, or the config file only
has admin write permissions/is in a protected directory. I doubt this,
because the virtual directory system probably would have picked up a
file-based config in the protected installer directories and thrown it
into AppData\Local\Virtualstore. If I knew what the keys were, I could
probably change the permissions myself.

If I run GFE 3 in my admin account, it works fine. But none of my game
settings are in the admin account. I use my admin account to *administer
the system*, not as an everyday running environment. I hardly ever use
the actual account, I just use its password to make system changes when
the UAC pops up.

Running "as admin" while in the standard account doesn't work either. All
sorts of errors pop up, and GFE asks you to restart the program.

It looked like it would work the first time I launched it, the games from
GFE 2 showed up once on the initial launch, but every subsequent launch
just gives me a blank games screen, or a screen with a "search for games"
button, with no way to set search directories or actually process a
search. None of the checkboxes stay ticked. It simply doesn't work.

Anyone else run on a standard account and can confirm this? Is this thing
on? (tap tap tap)


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