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Default bad drive symptoms?


I have an IBM deskstar GXP75 - supposed to be one of the bad
ones, but it's worked fine for me for 7 years on my dvr computer.

Its only that indian drive manufacturer that actually managed
to produce a line of drives where every single copy failed.

I've recently had all sorts of weirdness on this machine. Video
drivers not there on one boot, then there the next. USB network
adapter not recognized on reboot, then I move it to another slot,
and it works till the next reboot, when I have to move it again.

Windows disk scan says no errors, no bad sectors.
But I don't know what else it could be.

Could be bad caps on the motherboard.

Could this be caused by bad sectors in the C: partition?

Nope, those wont produce that particular set of symptoms.

Or is it more likely to be a motherboard on the way out?


I have an up-to-date virus scanner which reveals no problems.

And that wont normally produce that particular set of symptoms either.

Check the motherboard for bad caps. These are the usually blue or black
plastic covered post like things sticking up vertically from the motherboard
surface. The tops should be flat. If any have bulged or have leaked, thats
a bad cap and is almost certainly the cause of your problems.