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Default Inspiron 1200 HD type??

On 12/27/17 5:17 PM, Ron Hardin wrote:
Time to put that baby out to pasture.

I scored a primo condition refurb Latitude E6330 with 8 GB ram, 500 GB
hard drive, DVD burner, Win 10 64 Pro, and a real strong battery for
$159 delivered from NewEgg a few months ago.

I'm in an all-Mac office, but the price was so good I couldn't pass it up!

Well the machine didn't do much but orchestrate what other machines are working on (math problems).
The world's fastest scratch-n-dent/refurbished Dell supercomputer array.

I snarfed away one of the other machines from the array and am now using it as the orchestra conductor.

I must say the browser is a lot faster though.


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