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Jon O'Brien
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Default my pictures are growing

In article [email protected], (billybob)

When I look at the document size in PS it tell me they are 4X6

4x6 isn't a size until the image is printed. Before that it only has
meaning when stated in conjunction with a DPI figure.

If the image is 1200 pixels by 1800 pixels and is printed at 300 DPI then
the printed size will be 4"x6". If it's printed at 600 DPI then the
printed size will be 2"x3".

It sounds as if the image is actually being printed at a lower DPI than is
set in the PS dialogue when it's reporting a size of 4"x6". This would
result in the image being printed slightly larger than you expect. To see
what DPI is being used, make sure the "Resample Image" box is
unticked and alter the Width figure to 4.125. The Resolution figure will
change to the DPI setting actually being used.

To get a print measuring exactly 4"x6", you need to divide the image width
in pixels by four and set the Resolution DPI to that figure.
Alternatively, resize the image by setting the Resolution figure to the
actual DPI being used, re-tick the "Resample Image" box and then click OK.