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Default Asus P9X79 four short beeps

On 6/9/2018 10:53 AM, Bill Anderson wrote:
On 5/25/2018 2:16 PM, Bill Anderson wrote:

I don't know what else to do.* Memtest never finds an error and
Windows and Aida report my 32 gigabytes of DDR3 are behaving
normally.* I think there's got to be a MBO problem, but if you have
another idea I'd like to hear it.* Otherwise I'm about to do some
expensive shopping.* At least I'll be starting with a nice new power

I'm now convinced the P9X79 is my problem.

I bought a new MBO -- Asus Prime X-299A and outfitted it with a new i7
processor and 16 gigs of ddr4 memory and (my new pride and joy) a 500 GB
Samsung NVMe m.2 socket SSD card. Man that thing is blazing fast -- I'm
convinced even faster than my old Samsung 500 GB SSD. And in case you're
wondering, a Kraken X61 cooler moves from a LGA 2011 socket to an LGA
2066 socket with no fuss at all.* Fits perfectly.

In building the new system I came to the embarrassing (but mistaken)
conclusion that my whole problem had a bad Colossus video capture card,
as I couldn't get my old one to work on the new MBO for some reason. The
new system wouldn't start with that Colossus card installed.* Well I
just knew that must have been my problem all along, so I ordered a new
Colossus 2 card which is working flawlessly in the new system.* I was
confident I'd identified the problem and pretty annoyed at myself for
buying a new MBO and processor and all the rest when all I'd needed to
do was replace that Colossus card. Sure, I wanted a faster system, but

So last night, with the new system up and running great, I gathered some
unused parts and rebuilt my old system. I had a spare case and cooler
and power supply and really everything I needed except an optical drive
and strangely, a little motherboard speaker -- both easily obtainable. I
certainly had enough parts to fire up the rebuilt P9X79, which I did and
it started perfectly, everything working.* And then I shut down and
restarted and ... nothing.* I head no beeps because I had no MBO
speaker, but it was easy to tell it wasn't booting.

Wait, try, wait, try, wait ... then it booted.* Same behavior as before,
and this time with practically no peripherals installed.* Removed all
memory but one card ... nothing.* Switched out that card ... nothing.
Wait, try, wait, try, wait ...and it boots.

So I want a new motherboard for my Intel LGA 2011 i7 3930 processor and
32 gigabytes of Corsair Vengeance DDR3 memory.* And I can't seem to find
anything worth having for less than about $400.* I can find micro
motherboards that come with a processor already installed for under
$150, but I want a full ATX with onboard sound and a few slots for
peripherals like my spare nVidia GTX 570 video card.* And I don't want
to pay $250 to $400 to build a system I don't really need but would like
to have around just in know.

Anybody have a suggestion for where to find something cheap?* And good?
Please help me find a use for all my spare parts....

Maybe this?

Bill Anderson

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