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Default Identifying Make/Model Via Internet Connection?

I've been tasked with setting up a surf cam for a local
windsurfing shop. The idea is for people to be able to check
conditions themselves without calling the owner.

Have been able to more-or-less verify that Canon's VB-C60 will do
the job by looking at a sample of it's VB-50 predecessor.

But the owner wouldn't sign off on the approximately two grand
cost ($1,300 for the camera, $500 for the housing).

So now we're looking into fixed cams.

Current candidate is Axis' M1113 and a housing at about half the
cost. ($450 for the cam, $350 for a housing).

But I need to see actual pix to verify that the detail is going
tb adequate. Lots of YouTube sample videos out there, but I
want to see the real deal before dropping the big bucks.

So... The Questions:

- Is there either a way to determine make/model of a web cam once
I'm connected?

- Or is there a site out there that links to cameras by

- Has anybody else done a surf cam? Recommendations?