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Default Walmart special on an Acer as5251-1513

On Jul 26, 1:20*am, kikaruu wrote:
On Jul 24, 10:23*am, Larry wrote:

Walmart is offering an Acer AS5251-1513 for $298 this Sunday...anyone
familiar with that model? *Is it really a good buy? *With the ATI
Radeon HD 4250 graphics card, would it be good for gaming?



I'm actually going to pick up one of these laptops tomorrow, and I'll
therefore be able to give you firsthand experience. Otherwise, it's
said to be okay for games:
and he

Thanks for the links...I ended doing a search on the advertised AMD
processor that is included in the Acer AS5251-1513....apparently it is
only a single core processor and it likely that the computer will be a
bit slower than the dual cores. I actually got hands one with one at
Walmart. On the outside, seems like good looking and solid. Keyboard
is solid. However, sad that it has a 64bit os but only 2 gigs of ram.
However, going to 4 gigs would increase the total price to at least
$200. I suppose if you use it as is, it might be a good buy. Larry