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Default How does the Skylake fix work?

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Just out of interest, how does a hardware bug in a CPU get fixed by
software BIOS update? Isn't the bug a physical misconnection in the

Microcode updates.

So the bug was in the firmware of the CPU, not the physical circuitry?

I've never heard of or done a CPU firmware update. Are they included
with motherboard BIOS updates?

Yes, the manufacturer of the MB releases a BIOS update to correct the
issue. For this particular errata, Intel has given the MB manufacturers
the information needed to do this.

I've read in MB BIOS update instructions that it fixes X to do with the
CPU, but I always assumed that was a motherboard fault where it didn't
work with new types of CPU etc.

Is that another one you broke on purpose?

I don't have a Skylake. My i5 3570K is working fine. Skylake is only a
third faster, no point in upgrading.

So its just advance planning how to break it when you do get one.

I was just interested how a hardware fault could be fixed by software. See if I burst my car tyre, can I just upload a fix to my car's on board computer?

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