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Default Can I use a GTX 1060 6GB card

Am 04.12.2016 um 03:33 schrieb Paul:
dl2uv wrote:
I have an ASUS H81M-P mainboard and would like to install a new gaming
graphic card.
Is the GTX 1060 with 6GB compatible?

Thanks for any hint!

The card will hang over empty space, due to the
small size of the motherboard (7.0"x7.5"). Normally
microATX is 9.6"x9.6". But this should not cause
a problem at all. The heel lock and faceplate screw
still serve to hold the card in place.

The board takes up to 4790K, you could easily have
16GB of RAM as 2x8GB, so you should be able to make
a gaming platform from it.

Make sure the power supply is big enough, and you
have enough air cooling in the computer case.

The OS type will be 64-bit, as only a 64-bit OS has
the address space to run such a card. It would be
a useless card on a 32-bit OS.

Other than that, it should follow the appropriate
electrical standards and should work.


Hello Paul,
thanks a lot for your detailed information.
This was very helpful for me!