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That can be acomplished with Ghost and CD/DVD writing software, you just
need to do a proper planning and some assembly.
There is no need to worry about multiple image segments, as long as the
image installation runs uninterrupted (no prompts).
You do not even have to format your hard disk.
I would put a single, clear warning what that DVD is going to do to your
system, requiring to type a full word like "yes" or "agree" before it starts
to image your hard drive.

"Chuck U. Farley" wrote in message
.. .
Is there a disk imaging proggie where I can:

1. Make a bootable DVD disk, _not_ a rewritable but a standard - or + DVD
(not CD) disk.

2. Put a recoverable_complete_ image of my hd (size is 4 gigs) _not_

out in separate 1.9 gig sections but a complete, full image of my hard
drive, on that boot disk.

3. Be able to insert that disk, re-boot my computer, have a menu come up
giving me the option to format my hard drive.

4. Put the image on that newly formatted hard drive without a hundred


5. Not require any other programs such as Nero, DirectCD, WinIso,

etc. to function correctly.

5. Not require the use of the .NET framework (that's what ruled out


I have just tried and deleted True Image because it, for whatever reason,
won't write to a DVD-R or DVD+R, but only to a RW and then it must be UDF
formatted, evidently with DirectCD because it won't recognize a UDF
formatted disk that I did with Nero. I don't want to use an RW because in
6-9 months when I need it, it probably won't be able to be read. Had that
happen with a CD-RW several years ago and vowed I'd _never_ use a RW for a
drive image again.

I'm looking at BootIT Next Generation but not sure about the company and
don't want to shell out $50, yet again, to do an evaluation and find it
won't do those five things. Got an email out to them but haven't received

response yet.

I have just now re-installed XP and my base programs, configured the GUI

way I want it and customized the programs the way I want them. All I want

do is get an imaging program to put a image of my current hd on a bootable
DVD, let me insert that DVD in 6-8 months, get an option to format the hd

NTFS and then install the image on the hd without a bunch of handholding,
selection boxes, install options, etc. Surely, that's not asking too much
but damned if I can find any program that'll let me do that.

Any recommendations appreciated!