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"Chuck U. Farley" wrote in message
That can be acomplished with Ghost and CD/DVD writing software, you just
need to do a proper planning and some assembly.

Ghost 9 requires the .NET framework, which is one of the causes (along

SP2) of my having to re-format and re-install. I will avoid that at all
costs as long as I can. I'm trying to find an old copy of Drive Image

the Symantec buyout to evaluate.

I do not consider Symantec Ghost 9 as a Ghost product, it is Symantec
DriveImage release.
Lets stick to Ghost 8.0 and Ghost 2003.

There is no need to worry about multiple image segments, as long as the
image installation runs uninterrupted (no prompts).

This is what had me worried about the 1.9 gig limitation with True Image

one of the purposes of what I'm trying to accomplish is to not have to sit
and feed disks and and answer dialog boxes just to install XP. If I wanted
to do that, I'd just do what I did last night, format and re-install XP

all of my programs. g

Yes, Ghost can run multiple image segments without prompting.

You do not even have to format your hard disk.

But that's the point of what I'm doing. I evaluate a large number of
programs of various kinds so subsequently I install and uninstall a bunch

them and after a while, no matter how meticulous I am in weeding out the
detritus of "uninstalled" programs from the registry, my sytem eventually
gets hinkey.

Ghost image restore can completely overwrite your hard disk partitions and
restore original partitions and filesystems you had when you saved disk

I would put a single, clear warning what that DVD is going to do to your
system, requiring to type a full word like "yes" or "agree" before it

to image your hard drive.

The problem is finding a program to create that DVD, not what it's going

do after I have it. vbg

I doubt you find a program to do exactly what you want, but you can achieve
your goal by performing a relative small numbers of steps to create such DVD
Then, you will have a completely hands free restore procedure.

Thanks for your input.

No problem.