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Rob Nicholson
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I do not consider Symantec Ghost 9 as a Ghost product, it is Symantec
DriveImage release.
Lets stick to Ghost 8.0 and Ghost 2003.

Ahh that explains an awful lot. We recently purchased another copy of Ghost
(as we wanted another license) and was surprised with the product that
arrived. I agree, Ghost 9 is not what most traditional users of Ghost would
recognise. I like the idea of on-the-fly hard disk imaging but call me old
fashioned but I just don't trust it :-)

Fortunately, Ghost 9 comes with a copy of Ghost 2003 as well which has all
our old favourite tools like GHOST.EXE and GDISK.EXE.

I didn't know there had been a deal on DriveImage - have they bought the

Cheers, Rob.