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On Wed, 23 Aug 2017 00:50:24 -0400, Paul

micky wrote:

Didn't respond to your posts as I didn't see them directly, perhaps
I've plonked you in the past. Be that as it may, as it happens I've
just been through all this with a used Dell Precision M4300, and FWIW
my advice is not to bother, and just get an appropriate 4G USB dongle
instead ...

First, was the laptop built for the UK, the US, or elsewhere, and are
you still in the same country? Don't buy a card built for a laptop
from another country - IME, just doesn't work.

Second, ensure you can get Dell drivers for it, that is genuine Dell
from the Dell site. Even though they are buying in external hardware
from OEM chip firms such as Sierra, Dell and some other manufacturers
implement their own hardware IDs, and other drivers, even from the OEM
manufacturer, may not work as expected.

Third, ensure that the PCB connector fitting is the same. The laptop
PCB probably expects a Mini PCI-E Express, while some modern cards
have M2 fittings - confusingly described as M.2 PCIe but this is not
the same, worse there are several variants in the M2 standard with the
number and positions of the gaps in the connectors being different.
Get it wrong, and you'll end up having to buy an adaptor cradle.

Fourth, ensure that the aerial connections are the same. This is an
equally confusing area, as the fittings are very small, and those that
I would call male and female respectively, based on their actual
shape, are often referred to by the opposite terms in much, perhaps
most, of the product technical literature. Even worse, there are at
least two different sizes in use, and the difference between them is
not obvious unless and until you see them side by side under a
magnifying glass, let alone from photos, and the actual fitting size
may not even be included in technical product data.

The aerials in the lid of a Precision M4300 are IPX U.FL while those
on, say, a Sierra EM73xx are MHF4.

The connections are so small that even if you are certain that you
have the right ones, I would advise wearing watchmaker-style
magnifying glasses to make the connections, otherwise you could end up
damaging one or other or both.

Even if you get all this right, it still may not work.

A minefield, stay clear.

As for your other questions, I disagree with other advice you have
received. While there is certainly merit in the attitude "If it ain't
broke, don't fix it", especially if starting out with a new build, as
far as hardware is concerned install the latest drivers from the
manufacturer's site. The likely problems a

! What order is best to install them - Dell's site commonly has
advice on that.

! Their site is not very good at displaying ALL the drivers that may
be required, even when you enter the Service Tag, you may still have
to search to find some of them.
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