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Default [CM] AMD growing again, thanks to Ryzen processors

From the Ā«that chip needs a management engineĀ» department:
Title: AMD reportedly takes 10% market share from Intel
Author: Thom Holwerda
Date: Sun, 02 Jul 2017 06:10:33 -0400

AMD has reportedly gained 10.4 percentage points of CPU market share in the
second quarter of 2017. This makes it the largest x86 CPU market share gain in
the history of the Sunnyvale, California based chip maker against its much
larger rival Intel. The data is courtesy of PassMark's quarterly market share
report, which is based on the thousands of submissions that go through the
database in any given quarter. It's important to note that because PassMark's
market share data is based on benchmark submissions it counts actual systems in
use, rather than systems sold. It also does not include consoles or any
computer systems running operating systems other than Windows. With AMD's Ryzen
processors being the new hotness right now, I'd indeed expect benchmarking
sites to get more Ryzen submissions, even if it's not a 10% market share swing
in favour of AMD. That being said, it's clear that AMD is having an impact
right now, and as consumers, we should welcome this. I do dislike the fact that
the chart only has two lines to show. We'd be better off with more than just
two x86 chip makers, but alas.

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