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Default Why is a smaller folder taking longer to be backed up than alarger one?

On 1/9/2018 3:25 AM, VanguardLH wrote:
Is VSC (Volume Shadow Copy) Service aka VSS enabled in your Windows? Go
into the services manager (services.msc) and check "Volume Shadow Copy"
service is set to Manual. That means any program that issues a call to
use that service will start that service. It does not need to have
Automatic startup since it is only needed when a program wants to use
it. You don't want it set to Disabled. Under its Dependencies tab,
check that the services on which it depends are also set to Manual or
Automatic startup.

In a command shell with admin privileges, run:

vssadmin list providers

Yes, actually during testing I tried to create my own shadow volume, using:

vssadmin create shadow

But I found that this isn't supported under Windows 10's vssadmin, these
are the only commands supported:

---- Commands Supported ----

Delete Shadows - Delete volume shadow copies
List Providers - List registered volume shadow copy providers
List Shadows - List existing volume shadow copies
List ShadowStorage - List volume shadow copy storage associations
List Volumes - List volumes eligible for shadow copies
List Writers - List subscribed volume shadow copy writers
Resize ShadowStorage - Resize a volume shadow copy storage association

Macrium probably can create these volume shadows directly through API
calls, but it looks like Microsoft is disabling it's use through the

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