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Default Why is a smaller folder taking longer to be backed up than alarger one?

On 1/10/2018 6:59 PM, VanguardLH wrote:
Same help shown when I run "vssadmin /?" on Windows 7. You probably
need a server version of Windows to get the "create shadow" directive in
vssadmin (I found a forum thread where a respondent said only the server
version of Windows 10 supports the create directive in vssadmin), or
Microsoft expects admins to use PowerShell (with admin privs) to issue
VSS commands. The Home editions, like what I have at home, are

I think I found an alternative way of doing it, it's built into
alternative Windows commands. As usual Microsoft doing random **** to
make life harder for no apparent reason.

You can get that through PowerShell commands:

powershell.exe -Command (gwmi -list

And even non-PS commands:

wmic shadowcopy call create Volume='E:\'

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