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Brownz @ Work wrote:
So when do you finish at college on your deep exploration of the
human soul, self, and mind ?

Finished my Electronics Engineering years ago.

I thought you just said you took psychology, or was that your alter ego ?

I think you might want to think about taking that Psyche test as you seem to
have various manifestations of psychosis that all point towards borderline

Get a life, and stand up like a man (or woman) and take the
criticism, it will make you stronger in the long run.

Well this world is full of jerks like you, I should be freaking
SUPERMAN by now! If I wanted your critism, I would have asked, you
just like to run your mouth off so you can tag my post with your
website to get more visitors (LAME), I believe you are just a

Heh, you poor poor poor delusional human being.

You accuse *me* of being the spammer when your original post was spamming
your websites.

I suggest looking up the definition of words before you use them.

If you can't handle criticism then don't post to a public forum or make your
webpages available in the public domain.

That's what the internet is all about buddy, wake up and smell the coffee.

PS - I have no need to attract visitors to my website, but thanks for taking
the time to look.

Warmest Regards - Brownz