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Default Anyone used Epson's bottled inks in someone else's cartridges?

I've run out of black refill ink. The situation's been looming for a
while; there's a Micro Center store in town that used to sell small ink
bottles but they quit a while back (glad I stocked up to get myself this
far). And as everyone knows, you can't find a refill kit these days for
love or money except maybe online.

So...I see where Epson is now selling printers (the Ecotank line) with
bottle-filled tanks as well as the aforementioned bottles. Which piques
my curiosity-has anyone tried using that ink to fill another brand of
cartridge?. I can't imagine no one has. If so, how'd it work out?
Anything I should know beforehand? Does black work better than color or
vice versa, etc.?

Yeah, I know- Ecotank ink is "designed" only to be used in Epsons and
using it in anything else is a cardinal sin for which I shall be
punished by being condemned to live four years in a country where Donald
Trump is president...oh, wait, I'm already there. Anyway, if my
superannuated (i. e., LONG out of warranty) printers truly have nothing
to fear from this stuff I'll plunge ahead. Just want to know now if for
any reason that's not the case.