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Default Screen wont' turn off

Boris wrote:
My wife has a Dell Inspiron 13 7000 Series, running Windows 10 Home
Premium. It runs well, but...

I've never been able to get the screen to turn off after the preset amount
of time, 10 minutes, or any other time setting. This is true whether the
machine is plugged in or running off of battery.

It also has a backlight keyboard, which stays glowing. Is there a setting
to turn this off after a period of time?

I've looked at Win10 settings (basic and advanced) and Dell power settings,
but nothing seems to work. It's driving me nuts.


The "powercfg" command contains a few tools for analysis.

If multimedia content is playing, it can block changes in
power state. This prevents a laptop playing a DVD movie,
from "going to sleep" half way through the movie. The laptop
should then play the movie until the battery is flat and it
has to shut down.