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Default Laptop battery no longer gets charged

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Yousuf Khan wrote:
I got an older model laptop running XP, it's a Gateway MX6440, which
is about 6 or 7 years old now. I keep it around to run older software
which may not have been ported to Windows 7. Just recently I noticed
that it's no longer charging its battery. The battery is just over 1
year old, and it replaced the original battery. I see the Power icon
showing that I'm running on the AC mains, and that the battery has 0%
charge left on it, but the icon doesn't show any charging going on.

I could possibly get another battery, but I'm afraid that maybe
there's nothing wrong with the battery, and the problem might lie
with the circuitry that charges the battery from the mains. Any way
to test this? The problem just occurred last week. Before that it was
charging fine.
Yousuf Khan

Too bad we are not neighbors... as I have seven good batteries that will
fit that model. I also have two worthless batteries that will fit it
too. They basically have virtually no capacity, but they will show a
charge if you use them on AC. If you want to pay for shipping, you can
have one or both of them. So what does the battery test button show?

I have nine Gateways that use that same battery. They are pretty cheap
on eBay (under 40 bucks). There is also a charger that uses the AC
adapter to charge the battery on eBay. But it isn't cheap, like about 80
bucks if I remember right.

If it were me, I'd look for another laptop. I like the Gateway M465 the
best (manufactures '06 to '07). As it can handle lots of different CPUs
(Celerons, Core Duo, and Core2 Duo), removable bay for a second battery,
floppy, and even a second hard drive. Plus they work with the RQ5
docking station. They sell for between 50 to 100 bucks on eBay.

Gateway M465e ('06 era) - OE-QuoteFix v1.19.2
Centrino Core Duo 1.83G - 2GB - Windows XP SP3