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Default 2T SSD SATA - $250

On Tue, 12 Jun 2018 14:12:05 -0400, Paul

It uses 3D TLC and is rated at 400TBW. That means,
as a 2TB drive, you can write it end to end 200 times.
Suitable for backups, subject to that limit.

Much generally stated for higher endurance here. How Micron managed
to get down to 200, presumably from the linked tech sheet, is really
quite amazing. Well, up to something short of a point of leaping tall
buildings in a single bound.

No, wait, ... it's government inspired technological RAM.

.. . .

TLC flash has lower write endurance than both SLC and MLC flash. In
general, the more bits of data and levels of charge that a planar NAND
flash cell has, the fewer P/E cycles, or write cycles, it supports.
SLC flash memory cells can withstand 50,000 to 100,000 P/E cycles
before wearing out. A 2-bit planar MLC memory cell typically tolerates
no more than 3,000 P/E cycles, and enterprise-grade MLC (eMLC) planar
NAND has a limit of 10,000 P/E cycles. A planar TLC memory cell
generally can sustain no more than 500 or 1,000 write cycles. However,
with 3D NAND technology, the TLC size is larger, and it can approach
the endurance level of planar floating-gate-based MLC flash.

I'd personally question if I'd even want to classify the stuff in a
storage capacity.