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J G Miller
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Default Got it working! First post from inside Damn Small Linux! Needmore help pls

On Thu, 10 Jun 2010 13:51:45 -0700, RayLopez99 wrote:

On Jun 10, 11:34*pm, Alister Ware wrote:

DSL uses its own form of package management & J G Miller has already
given you a link to its documentation page

I looked at this link and could not find anything.

Not even the second paragraph section titled

*Installing From A MyDSL Repository*

Which part of the instructions on that page, did you not understand?


Installing From A MyDSL Repository

The way to do this is through the use of the
MyDSL Extension Browser.

This tool is available from a desktop icon, from the desktop menu

under Apps - Tools

or by using the command


(or the new one: mydslBrowser.lua).


Make sure you are logged in as user dsl

Open the MyDSL Extension Browser

Select the category[1] you want to browse

Select the package you want.

An Info box will appear (please read the info file[2] of each
package you select)

Press the Download button

The extension will be automatically downloaded to the directory specified
in .mydsl_dir (default is /tmp), checked for corruption, and then installed.

If the package includes a desktop icon and/or menu item, those will also
be added automatically.


And does not the attentive reader find it "odd" that RayLopez99
did not respond to my posting, but only now complains that he cannot
find the details on the provided link which tells him exactly what
he needs to do to install the software when somebody else points
out that his plea for help has already been answered in another posting?