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Default SOCHOX 8GB DDR2 PC2-6400 800Mhz DIMM AMD

"Paul" wrote
Actually, you can get "cheap" LGA2066 processors.

The good part:

# of Cores 4
# of Threads 8
Processor Base Frequency 4.30 GHz

The bad part:

Only two of four memory channels work. That means four of eight
DIMM slots are "dead". Nothing is wired to them, in effect.

Only 16 PCI Express lanes exist on the processor
(LGA2066 CPUs come with 16, 28, or 44 lanes, and the
motherboard manual tells you which slots stop working
if you buy the "puny" stuff.)

CPU is missing AVX512 apparently, compared to the high end ones.

It is little better than a 4790 in a way. If they made
a MicroATX motherboard with just four memory slots, and
one video card slot, plus the LGA2066 socket, that processor
would be OK. But mixing an "expensive" motherboard with that
piece of crap, is just silly. It's just a way for Intel to make
money for nothing (charge more for chipset).

But the mis-appropriation of features, makes the socket
choice a terrible one. It's just an LGA1151 CPU on a LGA2066

Also, some desktop motherboards take Xeon branded CPUs, and the
CPU Support chart shows official motherboard company support for
them. If you see a bargain somewhere, Xeons offer an alternative
means of getting a processor for your motherboard.


On some chipsets, the actual chipset had a "max addressable".
My chipset, I think it won't go above 8GB. So even if I found
DDR2 modules that were addressable, it wouldn't help.

There was one Intel chipset, where the slots took 4x2GB,
yet the chipset had a defined 4GB limit. Practical configurations
ended up being 4x1GB or 2x2GB (with two slots empty).

The absolute worst, was the Intel chipset that supported
512MB DIMMs per slot, had three slots, yet the entire chipset
had a *512MB* limit. Useful configurations might be
256+128+128 all the way to 512MB,nothing,nothing. Now,
how is that for wasting slots ?

I have a TUV4X from that era, a VIA board, and it took
3x512MB and that's what I had in it when I tested it
six months ago. It was a spare motherboard that I'd never
used. The thing worked fine. When VIA did stuff like that,
that's why Intel had to get even with them, and take their
license away. And push them out of the chipset business.
Now, Intel has all the chipsets (PCH) to itself.


Thanks Paul,

The SOCHOX 8GB DDR2 PC2-6400 800Mhz DIMM AMD arrived in the mail. I tested
it and the CPU would not POST. Perhaps I am being punished for not accepting
the wisdom of the crowd here, perhaps not. I have been using SOCHOX 4GB DDR2
PC2-5300 667Mhz DIMM AMD for some time and it is infinitely stable. The CPU
would POST and boot Win10 with two RAM modules but crash with a minute.
Thanks to Paul for thinking about the problem.

The weak link in the chain is the my Q6600 CU. But I have a Q9650 CPU on
order from eBay. I'll install it with current RAM. Then I will test it with
the SOCHOX 8GB DDR2 PC2-6400 800Mhz DIMM AMD and see if that configuration
will POST and boot Win10. If it does I am laughing. 4GB is too little RAM
for Win10 and my usage. There is much paging to the pagefile. If the
pagefile was installed of HDD, that would be bad, but my pagefile is located
on SSD. Reduced paging should offer speedup and greater longevity of the

I'll keep you informed of next step.