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On 5/8/2018 8:52 AM, Linea Recta wrote:
This is about the phone Samsung Galaxy S4 mini.
I got it second hand.
It came with a small mains plug shaped adaptor which connects to the phone
with a USB cable.
This cable has a "normal" USB plug on one side and a mini plug on the other
This cable is very short.
I have a longer cable with the same plugs which seem to fit physically.

- Can I use the other cable safely to connect to the PC and/or to the mains

- Can I connect this phone to my (TomTom) USB car adaptor?

In other words: how universal is USB?

The phone manual warns not to use non-original accessories...

In theory _Universal_ Serial Bus is universal. That said, sometimes
manufacturers don't always follow the rules and quite often the hardware is
pure crap. A high-quality mains charger or car adapter and a decent cable
(Anker braided is my favorite) won't do you wrong. I would never trust the
cheap clone adapter and thin cable picked up at the local discount store
with any of my equipment. You should be aware that not every charger will
support every proprietary quick-charge scheme that a randomly-chosen phone
maker dreams up but that only means that charging will take longer -- no
damage should ever ensue if a proper but non-original USB charger is used.