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Default Using XP with new install?

On 08/13/2010 08:02 AM, pheasant16 wrote:
AMD Athlon II X3
MSI 980 mobo
DDR3 memory

can't imagine other peripherals would matter, but will have a sata hd,
dvd burner, pci modem and old pci soundblaster if I can make it work.

Have both XP and Win 7 disks. Most of my programs are 5+ years old, and
made for XP. Still partial to XP after using both.

Will be a replacement for 8 yo desktop.

Most stressful task will be streaming online video to a HDTV.

What I've read seems XP drivers are still pretty much included and not
difficult to install.

Pointers on above ponderings appreciated.



I don't know how you plan to stream video to HDTV, but I bought
a PC to TV gizmo that goes in between the computer output in
the VGA line and the monitor, then run a cable to a PVR with
an upconverter to my HDTV that does a great job.
This is what I've got.

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