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Default Change Mail Server Type

John Moesner wrote:
I recently added a secondary e-mail account from my ISP. The account
was generated and I can access it online. However I want to access it
on Thunderbird. My primary account is working fine. but when I tried to
add the secondary account, Thunderbird thinks it is a IMAP server. It
is not. It is a POP3 server. I changed the port number, but that did
not work. Thunderbird still gives me an error message that it is not a
IMAP Server. there has to be a way to tell Thunderbird that it is a
POP3 server not an IMAP server, but I can not find it. Does anyone know
how to do this?

You got a choice of POP or IMAP when you added the account, didn't you?
I think you picked the wrong one. Maybe you weren't paying attention.
Like when you found this group and didn't pay any attention to
"hardware" or "amd" because you saw "thunderbird" and didn't think it
You probably ought to start over, and pay attention to what it says on
the screen before you click buttons.
That's what my sister does, always clicks every OK or Next button that
appears without reading what the message box says, and then wonders
where her pictures went that she transferred from her camera. Whenever
she transfers the latest pictures that she just took, she doesn't select
just them, nope, she transfers EVERY picture that she ever took that
still on that 2MB memory card all over again! Dozens and dozens of
folders, with hundreds and hundreds of duplicate jpg files, LOL! After
more than 10 years, she has no idea what Drive letter C: means, or what
a Folder is.