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Default Are there any PC monitor goggles or glasses?

On Sun, 14 Jan 2018 13:20:48 -0200, Shadow wrote:

On Sat, 13 Jan 2018 22:12:26 -0500, [email protected] wrote:

It seems that it would sometimes be convenient if there are some type of goggles
we could hook up to a computer to do some quick tasks without having to have a
monitor, especially if we have more than one computer and are just using one of
them to back things up, or any similar situations. So far all I've been able to
find are some expensive types for gaming, and some that look like they only work
with a cell phone. Does what I'm looking for not exist?

I looked around, but most of them are "smart" glasses made for
"dumb" people that don't see the downside of getting everything they
look and say at being transmitted to and stored by some third party
database for later "sharing with it's partners".

I'm sure cheap "monitor" glasses exist,

There are lots of them that are just regular glasses for looking at a
monitor with.

but Glugle is excluding them from my search results.

There are these:

but don't know if they'd work for what I want. They say they're wireless, but
what transmits the signal?

Meanwhile, I suggest a portable 7" LED monitor. About 60
dollars. Cheaper than glasses.

So far the best option I'm afraid.

PS Don't expect any feedback from our moderator.

From my pov it's shameful that there are moderated groups at all. It's a
direct insult to the idea of freedom of speach, and ends up being nothing better
than a playground for the dictator/"moderator" in ever single example I've ever

He never
helps anyone unless he gets a cut, or he can use his reply as an
excuse for STALKING. Notice I didn't name or suggest any brand.


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