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Default Are there any PC monitor goggles or glasses?

On Sat, 13 Jan 2018 22:59:23 -0500, Paul wrote:

[email protected] wrote:
It seems that it would sometimes be convenient if there are some type of goggles
we could hook up to a computer to do some quick tasks without having to have a
monitor, especially if we have more than one computer and are just using one of
them to back things up, or any similar situations. So far all I've been able to
find are some expensive types for gaming, and some that look like they only work
with a cell phone. Does what I'm looking for not exist?

This gadget uses USB for power and HDMI for data.
If the HDMI has a +5V pin on it, I don't know if
there is enough power there to run a display.

Thank you for that! But by the time you hooked all that up it wouldn't be
any easier than a regular monitor. There must be some advantage I guess, but not
in my situation afaik.

And there are display technologies with much higher
resolutions. Some of the SmartPhones have higher than HD
and are about the same size.

The goggle idea gets you a little too close to the
action, and maybe a stereoscopic display makes more
sense. And conventional computers might not be ready
to drive such a thing. The current stand-alone VR goggles
are a little too expensive, maybe because they have too
much gadgetry for simple viewing applications.

Adafruit apparently made a couple other sizes. Prices and
availability of these things is all over the place.
Companies making small quantities of "unique" product,
stand to lose their shirts when sales aren't brisk enough.
So it's a very risky business to be in (imagine having a
pile of 5" displays piled up that nobody is buying). The
big companies are smart enough to stay away from such things.
Once "everyone agrees" an idea is good, the small companies
are kicked to the curb by declining prices. And the
big company grabs it all.