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Default Logitech SetPoint software causes major slow down of Wolfenstein: The New Blood.

Also this game plays much better then it's predecessor which was called the
new order.

This game is at least twice as good... graphics, guns, sounds and especially

Twice as good at least ! for me at least it was really enjoyable..

Even on a system from 2006 updated with a graphics card GT 520 years later.

Also my system stuck in 3 GB mode... bios issue... to afraid to update bios.

4GB ram installed in total but can't use all of it...

This game probably needs 4 GB as minimum to function really well...

Otherwise it's memory manager is probably struggling to free
well as windows's memory manager.

All in all it wasn't too bad.

But I do feel this game has some serious multi threading issues...

At least on AMD X2 3800 Dual Core processor.

I kinda wish they had multiple executables or some kind of configuration to
specifiy how many threads to use or something.

Or just special versions per core-count.