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Is there imaging s/w that like this?

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Old November 25th 04, 06:38 PM
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If Ghost won't burn using my DVD burner, can I image my primary drive to a
second physical disk on my box or another drive on my network?

Yes, network is my favourite, but it needs some time investment in setting
up client and server network settings. It is an art on its own....Dumping
disk image to a network folder is my best choice.
Then, burn it back to your DVD. This time you can use DVD-RW and it will be
in a normal ISO9660 mode, not proprietary Ghost packet-written.

I hope I don't seem dense here, but why would I want to uninstall Ghost
before doing the final image?

Just in case if you don't want to see it in your normal Windows environment.

Scratch that first question. g Time to go to the outlaws and eat some

Lucky, no Thanksgiving here ;-(

Old November 25th 04, 09:30 PM
J. Clarke
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Chuck U. Farley wrote:

Boot DVDs/CDs can be made with Nero etc. If left open, the required
programs and files can be burned as well. These will appear as a non-A
drive stuff, IE the normal DVD access drive letter when booting from the
DVD. Then close session.

That's the route I'm gonna take with Ghost.

NET framework is only required for saving an image of open system files

boot partition. Restoration of a DVD image files(s), not needed. The DI
7.0/7.01, Ghost 9.0 DVDs are bootable and run in a modified XP


The .NET trash was required to update my video card drivers and is what
started this whole process of needing to format and re-install XP. SP2
completed the mess, requiring the re-install now instead of the first of
year like I usually do. Doing this inside of XP doesn't matter as I don't
care if I boot to DOS or Linux to do the image, as long as I get a valid
image and can restore my current config.

What, exactly, do you believe that the .NET framework did to your system?

Reply to jclarke at ae tee tee global dot net
(was jclarke at eye bee em dot net)
Old November 26th 04, 12:38 AM
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Native NTBACKUP in the ASR mode + http://www.firestreamer.com/fsdvd/

"Chuck U. Farley" wrote in message ...
Doesn't Nero come with it's own bootable, HD backup making program?
Thought I used that years ago and that seemed to work on a laptop.

I think it's more of a backup program rather than an disk imaging program
because it does it's think inside Windows... at leat I think it does.

Old November 26th 04, 10:31 AM
Rob Nicholson
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up client and server network settings. It is an art on its own....Dumping
disk image to a network folder is my best choice.

That's what we do and yes, it's a bit of a black art, esp. setting up the
network drivers. Some of the recent network cards have dropped DOS support
which is a pain.

Ghost has got P2P (peer to peer) functionality with a parallel lead or USB
lead to another PC running in slave mode. So as long as the slave PC either
has network access or a big FAT32 drive then this is a solution as well. Be
warned though - Ghost over parallel is slow at 10MB/min compared to
100MB/min across the network and 200MB/min to another local drive. I've

never got Ghost USB P2P to work but that's because the Trust USB cable we
bought doesn't work with Ghost USB drivers.

Cheers, Rob.

Old November 26th 04, 09:28 PM
Will Dormann
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Chuck U. Farley wrote:
I use True Image in conjunction with Nero. Works great. You can do
pretty much any of the items that you listed.

So you can write direct to a DVD +R or -R? That's interesting. See he

I've never tried writing directly to a DVD. I image to hard drive, and
then periodically offload to DVD using Nero. DVD is slow and requires
user interaction, so I have no need to image directly to it.

Also, and I think this might be your post, as the names seem oddly similar:


Yeah, that's me.

To address your items individually:

1. Make a bootable DVD disk, _not_ a rewritable but a standard - or + DVD
(not CD) disk.

Yup. See my tutorial, or I think perhaps Menorcaman has updated it
since I created it.

2. Put a recoverable_complete_ image of my hd (size is 4 gigs) _not_ parsed
out in separate 1.9 gig sections but a complete, full image of my hard
drive, on that boot disk.

A bootable DVD requires ISO9660, AFAIK. (At least with Nero)
IS09660 requires files of size 2GB or less.
If you consider both those points, I question the possibility of doing
what you want with any software. I'm not sure why that matters,
though, as TrueImage treats a multiple-file backup as a single entity.

3. Be able to insert that disk, re-boot my computer, have a menu come up
giving me the option to format my hard drive.

Sure. The bootable rescue media will format/partition the drive to your
liking before the restore process.

4. Put the image on that newly formatted hard drive without a hundred dialog

A few clicks is all it takes.

5. Not require any other programs such as Nero, DirectCD, WinIso, IsoBuster
etc. to function correctly.

ATI functions without 3rd party software. 3rd party software, however,
can enhance the functionality. (As with any program, really)

5. Not require the use of the .NET framework (that's what ruled out Norton's

ATI doesn't require anything .NET

Old November 30th 04, 03:19 PM
Chuck U. Farley
Posts: n/a

Scratch that first question. g Time to go to the outlaws and eat some

Lucky, no Thanksgiving here ;-(

Sorry to hear that. Hope you made the best of it. One year, I went back home
for a surprise visit and found my entire family had gone out of town. I
ended up eating alone in a hospital cafeteria because, in those days, it was
the only place open... besides White Castle. g

Anyway, I spent yesterday configuring Ghost 2003 on my box and I couldn't be
happier. Thanks again for your recommendation, Peter. Except for number 3 on
my OP, which I found out in here wasn't really necessary, it does exactly
what I want. In fact, the only thing it doesn't do is allow me to put all of
the programs required on the boot disk. I still have to feed it the second
diskette containing ghost.exe after the boot DVD disk, the reason of which
I'm not really sure as there's room on the DVD. It burned my boot disk/image
file on DVD+R with my relatively recent Liteon 811s without the need for any
additional s/w. I successfully restored from both DVD and secondary hd
without incident which, after my True Image experience, was an absolute
delight. Later on, I'll set it up for a network restore.

I didn't have to have any other company specific s/w installed and running
like DirectCD or InCD to burn, which was one of my primary goals as I hate
the way packet-writing s/w intertwines itself with the OS. With Ghost 8.0
installed, there's nothing running after I disable the Ghost Start Tray app
and I disabled the Ghost Start Service in services.msc after I did the
backup. All in all, a clean minimally invasive program that does what I want
it to. Now in six months when I do a re-format/re-install of XP, I won't
have to feed disks and answer dialog boxes.

And to answer the question about what .NET and/or XP did to my box, I'll
have to be brief so I don't bore you do death. The somewhat short version...
to update my ATI video driver required .NET. After doing a bit of research,
it seemed to be fairly benign so I did it. Without my realizing it, after
the install it kicked me into an Administrator account rather than my named
account with admin privileges. When I went to check messages on Usenet, all
of my previous posts, sent email, etc were obviously gone, as were the
documents in My Documents. After a more than momentary panic which about
lasted 10-15 minutes, I figured out what it had done and logged back into my
account. Not a good beginning experience. g

Then I found a couple of web pages that previously loaded fine would not
load in Firefox 1.0 including, not surprisingly, M$ owned hotmail.com. I
immediately thought of the old adage, "Windows isn't done until Lotus won't
run." but even this wasn't that big a deal as another box on my network
could access the account. Then my apps started acting hinkey. I'd get weird
error messages that I hadn't received before. I use an Adobe program called
Premier Pro quite extensively and it's always been rock solid stable. Now,
it was buggy as hell. Went to Adobe forum and while this hadn't happened to
anyone else, several there advised to go ahead an "upgrade" to SP2 as it
might "fix" the problem. I did my research and there were no obvious
conflicts with the apps I use so I, against my better judgment as I pride
myself in a stable system, created a Restore point and "upgraded" to SP2.
Keep in mind I never did the video driver upgrade because I was still trying
to troubleshoot the various bugs.

When the system came back up, the system got even more hinkey. _Every_ one
of my Adobe apps had to be re-authorized because my "system had changed". I
still couldn't log on to hotmail.com and even more puzzling, and I'm not
sure if this was from .NET or SP2, but now I could not post _anything_ over
16 lines of 72 characters on Usenet. Now that doesn't sound too bad because
I'm not a binary uploader and I snip the messages I reply to pretty
extensively, but get in a long thread or try to explain something (like this
situation) and you realize how limiting that amount is. I essentially
couldn't post to Usenet.

Damn, this is a long post.... anyway, I fought with it for a couple of more
hours and finally decided to do a System Restore to get me back where I
started. And of course, it _didn't_ restore my system... "Windows was unable
to restore your system, no changes have been made." GRRRRR. That's when I
decided to format and re-install everything. After feeding disks and
answering dialog boxes, I got my system back up _but_ all of the things I'd
done to customize my system/gui over the past six months were gone. It
doesn't sound like much, but I tweak my system pretty extensively and
something as basic as Autologon had to be remembered and re-done. And there
were _many_ others as well. This was _not_ a fun situation. g After I got
my system back the way I wanted, I knew I didn't want to do it again so I
decide to use an imaging program and that's how I ended up in here. BTW, I
_never_ did update the video driver. vbseg

Whew! I have posted anything this long in years. Anyway, thanks to all who
posted in this thread. The karma thing on Usenet is pretty real to me so
I'll hang out in here a while to try and pay back for the help I've

Old November 30th 04, 04:13 PM
Posts: n/a

Whew! I have posted anything this long in years. Anyway, thanks to all who
posted in this thread. The karma thing on Usenet is pretty real to me so
I'll hang out in here a while to try and pay back for the help I've

Your long post is my reward, you are very welcome!


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